Salsa open


Use this opportunity and present yourself at Salsa Motion Weekend 

Become a star of SMW!

Rules and regulations:
1. Competition will be held on Friday, December 9th 2016
2. Competition is in couples’ show performances (male and female)
3. Couples can compete in one category /salsa or bachata (all styles are allowed)
4. All couples are dancing on their own music
5. Maximum duration of song (choreography) is 2.30 min (obligatory rule)
6. All moves are allowed, as well as acrobatic and other attractive moves, but they should not be dominated
7. Salsa / bachata choreography can be mixed with other dances with limitation of max 20% of the choreography
8. Main criteria for judging: technique, accuracy, rhythm, attractiveness and show element 
9. Judges: international dance instructors and SMW public
10. Prices: full passes for international dance festivals